The tradespersons and contractors in our network agree and adhere to our values.

  • We will make sure all jobs are started and completed on the agreed dates.  Any unexpected delays will be clearly communicated to the homeowner in advance. 


  • We will leave all work areas clean and orderly at the end of the day and remove all trash upon the completion of the job.


  • We will make certain no changes in job specifications or pricing will be made without the homeowner’s prior consent.


  • We will arrive at the agreed time for appointments with the homeowner and give advanced warning of any unexpected delays.


  • We will respect the homeowner’s privacy and take all steps to make certain the security of their home.


  • We will make sure that all co-workers or subcontractors adhere to these requests always.


  • We will make certain all work will be completed to written specifications and budget.


  • We will make certain that a safe work environment is maintained always.


  • We will treat all customers and their property with courtesy and respect.


  • We will conform to all codes related to project location.


  • We will quote prices that are reasonable, honest and fair.


  • We will guarantee the quality of the work we do.