6 Autumn Gardening Tips to Have Your Yard Coming Up Roses!

Now that summer has been and gone, it’s time to celebrate because Autumn is one of the best times of the year for gardening!

Life around us turns into a visual feast, doesn’t it! You never have to look far to enjoy the wonderful effects of the green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs turning into vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown.

But, autumn doesn’t just look spectacular! It’s also the ideal time of the year for you to plant because the temperatures have cooled, the soil is still warm and the rain increases soil moisture.

Which is why we wanted to help you out with the top areas to focus on – to make sure your garden truly does come up roses! Also so that you enjoy a bumper vege crop, your lawn is in top shape and you create top notch compost to return to your garden.

In this article, you’ll find our 6 top tips for making the most of autumn in your garden.

1. Nurture your Soil

Autumn is the best time to prepare soil for planting. Good soil preparation is important for the garden as it improves water-holding capacity of the soil and for plants that means the garden is more able to withstand what nature throws at it.

2. Plan for a Bumper Harvest!

Next up on the Autumn gardening list – it’s the perfect time to plan your vegetable garden and plant it out. The cooler weather creates the right conditions to plant a variety of vegetables and herbs now for your winter crops to ensure a bumper harvest!

3. Fertilise before Winter hits

Choose a well-balanced fertiliser which has equal ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This will make your plants more resilient to fungus and disease during the cold and wet of winter.

4. Give your Lawn some TLC!

This is an ideal time to help your lawn recover from the hot and dry summer and get it ready for the wetter and colder months. Autumn is also a great time to fertilize your lawn and give it a boost.

Don’t forget to remove fallen leaves from our lawn regularly as these will deprive the lawn of light, causing it die off and create brown patches.

5. Feed your Roses

For rose lovers, early autumn is the time to fertilise to ensure your roses have a good supply for the final autumn display.

6. Turn fallen Autumn Leaves into Compost Gold!

Autumn produces a lot of leaf matter and the leaves are great to add to the compost heap. You definitely want to make this part of your autumn gardening rituals, because leaves are one of the most valued compost materials as they are carbon-rich. Deciduous leaves are best; wait until the leaves start turning brown before raking them up.

Feeling inspired but unsure what to plant?

We hope you’re able to put all of these easy autumn gardening tips into action during this beautiful season.

If you’re unsure on what to grow in your garden, sign up to our mailing list to receive a FREE Seasonal Plant Growing Guide!

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