Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

Before Winter sets in, Autumn is the perfect time to take care of home maintenance and repair projects. From making sure your home will be heated efficiently, to keeping mice & pests out, there are quick and easy checks & fixes you can do.

Tick these 7 items off your list this Autumn so you can relax knowing your home is ready for Winter.

1. Check your heating & lower your energy bills!

Servicing your heater helps to make it more energy efficient, which in turn helps to lower your energy bills.

Regular maintenance work will ensure your heater is running smoothly, but this is one job where you need to call in the professionals. So, pick up the phone to get your home’s heating system inspected.

2. Keep the cold drafts out!

Another way to make sure your house stays warm and to keep your energy costs down, is to hunt down any drafty gaps and seal them up! You can add weather-stripping around window frames and doors to keep the cold out. Then, adding a draft stopper at the base of doors is such a simple and affordable way to keep the heat in and the cold air out.

3. Check your outside lighting

Now that daylight savings has finished and the days are getting shorter, we rely on exterior lighting both for safety and ambience. Exterior lighting will protect you from hazards such as slipping and falling, especially during the dark evenings, and it is also a deterrent for potential criminals and pests.

Make sure that you check all of your outdoor lights and replace bulbs as needed.

4. Keep your gutters and downpipes clean & clear

When most of the Autumn leaves have fallen, clean out your gutters and downpipes. It is important for gutters to be cleared regularly to avoid water build up and overflow that can cause damage to your roof and home.

5. Protect your home from rodents

Rodents can become a problem during the cooler months, as they search for food and shelter. Our warm homes stocked with food make for the perfect place for a rodent to hide from the cooler temperatures. Yuck!

So, how can you keep mice, rats & more outside?

Make sure you remove all rubbish, and get rid of the heaps of leaves, twigs and other plant debris that usually accumulate, because rats and mice like these places. Then remove or seal all food sources that could be attractive to rodents - pet food is a great example. Inspect all your walls, doors, windows, for any cracks or tiny gaps and eliminate leaks as rodents will come looking for water.

6. Does your home exterior need any repairs?

Go for a walk around your property to look for signs of damage. If you spot anything that needs repairing, schedule it in before the cold and rainy winter months set in.

7. Inspect driveways and walkways

Damaged driveways and walkways are a hazard all year round, but the hazard heightens when the winter weather makes them wet and slippery.

Prior to winter fix minor cracks, any uneven sections, and loose railings on steps. Also, if you have moss build up on paths, clean the moss away with a high-pressure hose.

Do you need help getting your checklist ticked off?

If you would like help with getting this Autumn maintenance checklist done around your home so that you can spend more time doing what you love, then contact us today!

We provide a FREE service that connects locals with reliable, pre-screened and qualified trades and contractors around Adelaide.

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