Spring gardening! A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

Just like giving your home a spring clean after the cold weather, you can take a similar approach in your garden to get it back in shape as the weather warms up. Spring is the season for gardening.

Therefore, we have put together a garden maintenance check list so that you can spend more time enjoying the summer holiday months without any fuss!

Here is a list of things you can do to successfully kick off the spring season.

1. Do a thorough spring clean-up

Remove fallen branches, matted down leaves and any debris from garden beds. Keeping your garden beds clean will help to keep pests and diseases at bay.

It's also a good time to clean out the debris in your pond or water feature. While you're at it, clean and sterilise your bird bath and containers before reintroducing them to the garden.

2. Perform basic maintenance of hardscaping

Focus your efforts on landscaping in the early spring prior to using the ground. This is the season for repairing damaged retaining walls, leveling stepping stones, cleaning gutters, and repairing railings, seats, decorations, and flower beds.

This is the time to set goals and build new garden beds, broaden the existing ones, and clean up the edging on your beds.

3. Prune trees and shrubs

Spring is the time to trim fruits trees if you didn’t prune in winter. Prune trees and shrubs before buds begin to break into bloom or you’ll stress the tree.

4. Deadhead bulbs Remove spent flowers from spring flowering bulb as this will encourage the plants to store energy for next year rather than use it to make seeds. Don’t remove the foliage, let it die back on its own without removing it until it is completely yellow or dried up.

5. Plant your spring containers and borders Though most annual flowers require a little soil warming before planting, some cool weather plants, such as pansies, nemesia, and osteospermum daisies, don't mind if you plant them in the garden early. Sweet alyssum, lobelia, and supertunia petunias are also excellent choices for spring containers.

6. Plant new shrubs and trees Plant as soon as the ground is no longer cold. The earlier you do this, the better, as this will give your shrubs and trees enough time to grow new roots before the weather starts getting hot.

7. Plant vegetables Spring is the perfect time to plan your vegetable garden and plant it out for summer vegetables. The spring weather creates the right conditions to plant a variety of vegetables and herbs now to ensure a bumper harvest for summer.

8. Add fresh mulch to garden beds Mulch helps the soil retain moisture for your plants and keeps the weeds down. Spread mulch evenly, being careful not to layer it on too thickly around your plants because this could cause problems with diseases.

Feeling inspired but unsure what to plant?

We hope you’re able to put all these spring autumn gardening tips into action during this beautiful season.

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